• I love this thing.  It collapses down nice and compact when empty and holds a good amount of water. It's not heavy so travels really well when you are limited on space and weight.
  • Absolutely love it!!! Already recommended to a friend who instantly went on line to order! Fits great in luggage for international flights too.
  • So far the perfect collapsible water bottle. I would recommend this for amusement parks, sporting events, hiking or any outdoor activity where you can fill up your bottle with water.
  • The HYDAWAY is super easy to clean, has a great drinking spout, and stores nicely. It is the collapsible water bottle that I have been looking for!
  • I love this bottle! I've already brought it on a plane, and it's perfect for carry on luggage because it takes up so little space. I also don't have a problem remembering to empty out my bottle before going through security because I simply flatten it out before putting it in my bag.
  • I use it at work, when backpacking, on road trips, at the gym, and everywhere else. It's lightweight and ready to go when collapsed, and the perfect solution when full.
    New Mexico
  • It's great for a quick drink without getting another plastic bottle of whatever. Love it!!!!!!
    New Mexico
  • Love this! You can collapse it as you drink so you go home with a much smaller bottle than you started with.
  • Great essential for travelling - internationally and backcountry!
  • Honestly, the hydaway bottle is as fun to play with as it is to use.
  • I am in love with this bottle. I use it every day and get lots of comments. It's so handy! I love the carabiner-friendly lid and the fact that it doesn't take up room in my purse.
    New York
  • I like taking it with me everywhere.  I use it to carry water with me and I am not causing plastics to be added to the environment. When I am finished I just collapse it and put it in my purse.

You’re busy, you’re thirsty, and you’re always on the move. You need a reusable water bottle that’s portable, easy to use, and won’t hold you back wherever you go.

Our Expertise

From Nearly 20 Years In The Industry
More Than An Inventor

More than an inventor, Niki Singlaub is a ‘product guy’ and lives for designing, developing, building, and launching new products into the world. Niki came up with the Hydaway concept while traveling as a freelance product developer. “Trying to stay hydrated in different countries, climates, and elevations, while spending time both in business meetings and in the mountains inspired this water bottle concept. I was looking for a durable, stable, fully-functioning water bottle that collapsed enough to fit in my back pocket. I was really surprised I couldn’t find anything like the Hydaway bottle out there.”
Niki’s expertise stems from almost twenty years in design, development, and management of consumer products in multiple industries. His background in engineering and business has prepared him to problem solve at all stages of the product launch process. On most days you can find Niki in and around the high desert of Bend, Oregon testing gear, brainstorming ideas, and taking his family beyond their comfort level.
Have a look at our recent Kickstarter campaign for even more information about Niki and the Hydaway Bottle adventure.